Maserati Granturismo

To hire the Maserarti Granturismo is an opportunity not to missed. This is an authentic gran tourer with 5 proper seats capable of delivering an amazing driving experience as well as incredible practicality. The 4.2 litre engine produces over 400 bhp is more than enough to give you that extra bite when needed. The ride is smooth and effortless when eating up the motorway miles but can be adjusted to give you that extra touch when looking to raise the blood pressure through the corners.

The Pininfarina styling is drop dead gorgeous. With a distinctive flow to the shape, Pininfarina have given the Granturismo an understated beauty which looks amazing but not too conspicuous. Maserarti is such an iconic brand often over looked by in favour of more flashy Italian cousins, but we think this car is something special. Combine these looks and this performance its hard to look past the Maserarti Granturismo when looking to hire a sports car.

The cabin space is very generous and the extra seats make this a great choice to whisk the family away for the weekend while still allowing yourself a little fun into the bargain. Crammed with hand stitched leather and plenty of gizmos, the journey will be an absolute pleasure. This is a comfortable super car with the ride simple and uncomplicated able to to deliver you to your destination in style and with a smile on your face.


Maserati Grancabrio

Hire the Grancabrio if you want all the fun of a supercar, plus all the practicality of the Granturismo, but want the added fun of cabriolet.

Loosing nothing in the thrill of the ride, the Gramcabrio comes with a retractable roof which disappears in less that 30 seconds.

It is perfect for weddings or family getaways and really adds to the experience of the day. As well as bing fun, the Grancabrio also comes with sat nav, parking sensors, electric seats and traction control making it as easy as possible fo the drivrer to enjoy their time behind the wheel.

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